SEO Techniques in Off-page Optimization

Posted on July 28, 2010


Off-page optimization helps your site to get high ranking in major search engine. Over 75% of your traffic is based on inbound links.
Here are some effective ways to create inbound links for your website:
  • Listing your business on local directories (, Google maps, Yahoo! local,, etc),
  • Promoting your business on social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Hi5, Stumble Upon etc)
  • Promoting your blog through blog & article marketing – This ensures your website carries an extensive web presence on the Internet. Furthermore, it will bring extra opportunities for prospects to find your company by adding greater visibility for your business on the World Wide Web.

Think of all these inbound links you just created as hundreds of possibilities for people to find you on the web. However, it will be time consuming to create these accounts and then on top of that, to keep them going. Having high ranking (well traveled) inbound links to your site gives your greater visibility and lets search engines know your site is worth being listed. The majority of businesses don’t have the time to do what is required to make a difference, which is why they hire someone for their SEO needs. You too can do the same if you don’t want to be left behind in the SEO race.

Finally, here are some SEO techniques that you can use to get a better search engine ranking:

  • Directory Submissions:
  • Article Submission:
  • Forum:
  • Blogging:
  • Social Bookmarking and Q and A Postings:

A careful analysis of your competitors’ inbound links can help you to find ways where you can usurp them to emerge as the leader. You can also give your business some leverage via online PRs. However, all these will need careful planning and strategizing. What’s more, you will have to come back to review your progress from time to time and fine tune your strategies to make them attuned to the changing times and demands of your clients. May people find these to be a daunting task. If you too belong to this league, don’t fret – you can hire a professional SEO consultant who will do the hard work on your behalf.

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